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 CopyShop and DTP

 full color (A3, A4) and BW (A4 to A0) xerocopies
 DTP services
 BW or color prints (laser or ink-jet), color scans
 full-color t-shirts
 magnetic cards

top of page Full Color XEROX Copying

Sometimes a copy is better that the original because of the color enhancement facilities.
You can scale up the photos using the copier.

top of page Black and White XEROX Copying, Any Size

Best quality one sided or two sided copies.
You can save your time.

top of page Desk Top Publishing

Aveti nevoie de o reclama eficienta? Aveti nevoie de cataloage de prezentare, calendare sau alte materiale promotionale!
Tot la Media Centre puteti sa va faceti carti de vizita, oferte, invitatii pentru ocazii speciale, etc.

top of page Black and White Prints (600x600dpi)

Fast (100 de pagini in 5 min) ans superior laser quality printing.

top of page Full-Color Laser Printing (400x400dpi)

Amazing color laser printing, you can collate color prints of A0 size from A3s.

top of page Ink-Jet Color Printing

Exceptional quality at very low prices; [carti de vizita, invitatii, etc.] printed on [carton alb sau colorat cu model].

top of page Full-Color Scanning (400x400dpi)

Color image scanning. You can save your photos on magnetic media (hard disks, floppy disks).

top of page Lamination

Cataloagele dvs. de prezentare sau chiar lucrarea de diploma poate capata un aspect profesional la un pret mult mai mic decat alte metode clasice.

top of page Full Colour T-Shirts

A new service from Media Centre: we can print any image on a t-shirt. Prints of an excelent quality!

top of page Magnetic Cards

Soon you can print magnetic cards.


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