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IniCAD SOFT Ltd. was founded in June 1994 by four lecturers, Dan Dobre, Edmond Richer, Dumitru Mazilu and Adrian Rosca from the Mechanical Faculty from Craiova. It was gained an enviable reputation as Dealer, Distributor and Trainer in Computer Aided Design and Finite Elemente Analysis field. The name Institute for CAD Implementaion - reflects the principal goal of this company: to change the classical way to make projects.

The first way to make it’s goal was the opening of IniCAD Training Center. Here, it was developed different training programs: introduction in computers and DOS operating system, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD and Finite Elements Analysis with COSMOS/M software. IniCAD made training programs with important factories.

The second way was to make applications for many companies. The most important application is GISTOP and it is used by Survey Office and Geasol S.A. from Craiova. IniCAD Soft is authorized by AutoDESK Company as AutoCAD Registered Developer.

An other way is to be distributor or dealer for many software companies. IniCAD Soft is authorized by AutoDESK Company as AutoCAD Authorized Dealer, by Microsoft Company as Microsoft Partner and by Structural Research & Analysis Corporation as Distributor.

Also, we make many additional services, as making complexes (software and hardware) CAD system, converting legacy drawings to CAD vectors by scanning and raster to vector conversion and Finite Element Analysis consulting.

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