GamGam Game :)

Have you ever played GamGam game ??? I'm sure not. Because the game you see here has another name.... What name ?? I don't know, so I call it GamGam. :) Ther rules are very simple: The cumputer randomly generates 4 colors. You should guess which colors are they and the position the computer store them. For every color you guessed right, and you placed on its right place, you get a black square, if you guess only the color, but you put it on a wrong place, you get a white square. Pretty easy, isn't it ??? Play then !!! :)
Selected color:
I hope you enjoyed my game. :)
Tip: Try to have all the buttons and the table simultaneously on the screen, to save the time. (is possible if your monitor's settings are at least 600x800).

Original realization by Marius.

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