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About the TopPanels

When we decided to set up the Panels we thought of providing people all over the Internet with a place to display freely their work and their opinions on their favourite subjects. Sort of Forums of Interest or Special Interest Groups for which the connectivity is provided by the Internet and a few hard disks. They would eventually turn into multi-level multy-author Web Pages about a specific subject, hopefully kept organized by the efforts of someone called Panel Master. We feature for a start a few subjects people at our site feel they can help with or at least give it a try, but anyone from the Internet can be a Panel Master, provided he is decided to take on the required effort.

Well, that's the general ideea, maybe we can refine it in the future with your help. We'll just start it and see how it works. If you like it you can start your own panels here or on some other site of your choice. If you intend to do so, please read the copyright notice at the bottom of this page.

To put it shortly the TopSite Panels are places on our servers where people interested in a specific subject can contribute various information. Anyone interested by a subject can post related material to us. To post, you must follow the procedure below :

On our side, we will:

We assume no responsability whatsoever for the contents of the posted pages.
Your name and copyright will be posted next to the link to your work.

We'd like to think the Panels ideea is original (as far as we know) so we thought we'd better copyright it. However, the conditions for using this concept are in our opinion minimal :

Last updated : the 16th of November 1996

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