The F-106's of the 49FIS at Griffiss AFB - 1986

Please press the photos for a closer look.

58-0901 F-106B, 58-0901, on the Griffiss ramp.

58-0764  The 49FIS Commander's aircraft, 58-0764.

Line up  The line up on the maintenance ramp during the summer of 1986

59-0110  F-106A, 59-0110, in the hangar.

59-0062  F-106A, 59-0062, under the Central New York sky.

58-0764  58-0764 under more normal CNY sky conditions.

Ramp maintenance  This F-106 is undergoing avionics maintenance, of note is the extended IR seeker.

59-0077  F-106A, 59-0077, note the opened speedbrakes at the base of the tail.


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