The Grumman A-6 Intruder

Please press the photos for a closer look.

155636 A-6E, 155636, sits awaiting it's crew.

155636  The crew now boarded, AE-501 pulls out of the chocks.

AK-501  This Intruder, seen at the London Int'l Air Show, shows it's Libya raid markings.

155712  155712 extends it's wings in preparation for takeoff.

152606  This Panther's Intruder, 152606, is well equipped for a refueling mission.

162190  The VA-75 'Sunday Punchers' Commanders bird, 162190.

Line up  A-6's in line at NAS Oceana.

Roadrunner  Roadrunner 511 is loaded with practice bombs for a training mission.

152621  The Green Pawns of VA-42 were the Intruder training squadron.

155729  The TC-4C, 155729 belonging to the Green Pawns, was used as a BN trainer.


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