US Customs Service P-3 AEW
at the Lockheed Martin Aircraft and Logistics Center
in Greenville, South Carolina

Please press the photos for a closer look.

P-3 AEW This is P-3B N144CS (ex USN 153446) returning from an early test flight.

P-3 AEW  After several years in storage at 'the Boneyard' the is the first Customs 'Rotodome' Orion.

P-3 AEW  Turning into it's parking spot the Orion is seen in front of it's Lockheed brother the Hercules.

P-3 AEW  The rotodome mounted on the Orion is the same as the Navy's E-2C Hawkeye.

P-3 AEW  The P-3 will provide a long range survaillance and long endurance in a more comfortable airframe.

P-3 AEW  153446 is an old airframe yet it is in very good condition after it's desert storage.

P-3 AEW  The 'domed' Orion looks quite good in it's new glossy grey paint scheme.

P-3 AEW  The P-3 from the front, note the covered windows, both the cockpit 'eyebrows' and in the forward cabin.

P-3 AEW  Here's a slightly more standard Orion, a test P-3A 152150.

P-3 AEW  Nightime on the Depot line, here is 160763 and, in the background, 153447, another Customs bird.


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