The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II

Please press the photos for a closer look.

New York ANG F-4C The New York ANG at Niagara Falls' F-4C, 64-0660, a Triple Mig Killer

Kentucky ANG RF-4C  The Kentucky ANG's RF-4C, 64-074, on arrival at Dayton

Michigan ANG F-4D  A beautiful Michigan F-4D, 67-457

Missouri ANG F-4E  A St. Louis Double MiG killer F-4E, 68-338, before a mission

USMC VMFP-3 RF-4B  A Marine Corps RF-4B from VMFP-3

Wild Weasel F-4E  A 'Killer' Weasel F-4E, 72-477

Mississippi ANG RF-4C  A Mississippi 'Magnolia Militia' RF-4C, 65-931

Kansas ANG F-4D  A Kansas ANG F-4D, 66-553 at Phan-con

An Eglin Test F-4E  An Eglin Test Wing F-4E, 72-126

NY ANG F-4C  Another MiG Killer from Niagara Falls, this time a single, 63-541

California ANG F-4E  A California ANG F-4E, 68-514

Indiana ANG F-4D  A Fort Wayne Indiana ANG F-4E, 68-481


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