Air to Air Refueling from Shaw AFB
August 1998

I would like to thank the 20FW Public Affiars, Shaw AFB, for the opportunity take these photographs. Thanks also have to go to the 931ARG, McConnell AFB, for providing a flightcrew and KC-135R refueling aircraft, and all of the recieving aircraft's flightcrews and their Squadrons.

Please press the photos for a closer look.

55FS F-16CJ An F-16CJ from the 55th FS / 20FW Shaw AFB, South Carolina

F-16C 93-0538  93-0538 - a 'Weasel' F-16 moves into refueling position.

4FW Strike Eagle  A Seymour Johnson AFB F-15E moves forward to the boom.

Extender  After refueling a McGuire AFB KC-10 backs away from our KC-135R

The 'B-ONE'  Wings fully extended, a B-1B over South Carolina sky.

Globemaster III  From Charleston AFB, a C-17 closes in...

C-17  ... and the USAF's newest airlifter takes fuel.


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