The Starfighters!
The World's Fastest Demonstration Team

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sf01 The unmistakable look of the Kelly Johnson designed Lockheed F-104 Starfighter.

188769  The Starfighter portrait, close to 45 years after it's design it's still on 'the edge'.

188933  Both of these aircraft are actually CF-104's that served in Canada and Norway.

188751  There were a lot of memories at McEntire ARB where the SCANG flew the Zipper until 1973.

188784  Tom Delashaw and Rick Svetkoff are the people who bring these classic aircraft to life.

188784  Major Tom, with his 100 Starfighter combat missions, awaits his call to taxi.

CT-133  As amazing as the F-104 looks it's sound is just as unusual. You'll never forget its unearthly wail.

130336  The power of the J-79 is evident at takeoff, exactly where the lift comes from isn't....

130307  Fast and straight, the Canadair built Starfighter cuts the sky like the proverbial knife.

150005  Afterburner lit, the Starfighter streaks into a climb pulling the moisture out of the air.

130307  Drag chute? A pair of South Carolina ANG members get a lesson in aviation history.

150005  With its flying day over, the Starfighter undergoes a postflight and maintenance for another day.


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