VF-43 Challengers - NAS Oceana Agressors

Although VF-43 has now been disestablished, during the early 90's they filled the sky over Virginia Beach.

Please press the photos for a closer look.

VF-43 A mass flypast of Challenger aircraft.

F-5E  A small part of the VF-43 ramp.

Tiger!  An F-5E Tiger II, on the ready line.

F-16N  One of the Navy's few, now retired, F-16N's.

Fighting Falcon  163557 - High performance agressors!.

A-4 flight  VF-43's Skyhawks begin their overfield break.

Bullet  "Bullet" on the ready.

Rufus  "Rufus" with bright fresh paint.

Stubby  151167 in a slightly darker scheme.

Olly  An even brighter 'Scooter' under perfect Virginia sky.


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