Print this form, fill it out and mail it to the address given below!


Your Surname: ____________________________________________________
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Please supply me with the following items:

Quantity Price Total Price
F-14 Reference CD ROM ______ US$ 20.00 US$ _____
F-14 Squadron Print
   Specify squadron(s):___________________ ______ US$ 20.00 US$ _____
Other Squadron Print
   Specify print(s):_______________________

______ US$ 20.00 US$ _____
CD ROM Postage (squadron prints & CD ROMs have to be shipped seperately!) US$ 6.00
Squadron Print Postage (see here for rates)

US$ _____
Add if you pay by cheque

US$ 8.00
Total Amount to pay: US$ _____

Mail the filled-out order form & the cheque/cash to:
Torsten Anft
Quellenweg 15
52074 Aachen, Germany