tomcat close-up

Mig-29 "Fulcrum"


Mig-29K Carrier based
The fly-by-wire, multi-role Mig-29K formed the basis of a dedicated carrierborne navalised derivative. The Mig-29K is said to have been intended as a complement to the dedicated SU-27K interceptor , in just the same way that the F/A-18 Hornet complements the F-14 Tomcat on US Navy carrier decks

Allegations that the Mig-29's radar was a simple copy of the hughes AN/APG65 were refuted when the first photographs of it's antenna were published. The performance are broadly comparable to equivalent Western radars, but poor processing capacity limits the number of targets that can be simultaneously tracked or attacked. As a BVR fighter, the early generation "Fulcrum" enjoyed significant advantages over the F-16 and a broad parity with the F-15A. As of today's standard, the Mig-29 radar can operate in look-up or look-down modes and allows the simultaneously engagements of multiple targets.Up to four targets can be engaged while 10 are being tracked.

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