Mig-29 "Fulcrum"

Technical Review

The basic MiG-29 is an excellent close-in dogfighter, with a useful BVR capability and has won itself an enviable reputation that is tarnished only by its lack of range and the lack of onboard radar processing capacity, which limits simultaneous engagement capability. To remedy these shortcomings Mikoyan set out to produce an improved MiG-29 derivative, with longer range, better radar and improved versatility. In the MIG-29M they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. The improved capabilities of the new variants make the MIG-29 the best-ever lightweight multi-role tactical Russian fighter aircraft.

Into the Frame


Mikoyan Mig-29 Fulcrum

Unless stated, these specifications are for the "A" variant.

2 Tumansky R-33D turbofans, 18,298 lb thrust with afterburner

Height4.40 m (14 ft 5.2 in) Length17.20 m (56 ft 5.2 in) Wing area33.3 m (565 sq ft)
Wing span11.50 m (37 ft 8.8 in)

Tailplane areaNot available Tailplane span7.75 m (25 ft 5.1 in) Distance between fin tipsNot available

Empty8165 kg (18,000 Ib) Maximum take-off16330 kg (36,000 lb)

Maximum speed at altitudeMach 2.3 (2477 km/h, 1 539 mph) At low levelMach 1.2 (1468 km/h; 912 mph) Take-off distance500 m (1,640 ft)
Maximum rate of climb (sea level)15240m (50,000 ft) per minute Service ceilingabove 15240 m (50,000 ft)
Landing run450 m (1,476 ft)

AA-7 "Apex"Infra-red/semi-active radar homing
AA-8 "Aphid"Short range infra-red homing 'dogfight'
AA-9/10 "Alamo"Long range active radar homing ( All variants )
Mig-29 M/K/S Variants
AA-11 "Archer"Short range infra-red homing 'dogfight'
AS-7 "Kerry"Medium range tactical air-to-surface
AS-12 "Kegler"Radar guided air-to-surface
AS-14 "Kedge (T)"Television guided air-to-surface
AS-14 "Kedge (L)"Semi-active laser guided air-to-surface
KH-35 "Harpoonsky"Air-to-surface anti-ship
1 Multi-barrelled 30-mm cannon with 170 rounds ( All variants )

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