Mig-29 Warload

Mig-29 "Fulcrum"


Air-to-Air Superiority
The most important difference between the weapons system of the Mig-29 and that on contemporary Western fighters is that the radar forms only one element of the Mig-29's fire control system. this integrated system comprises the radar, the wide-angle helmet-mounted target designator system and an advanced electro-optical Infra-Red Search and Track system (IRST), all of wich are linked via the mission and fire control computers. The electro-optical set comprises an IR tacker an a laser rangefinder, and in clear skies allows the Mig-29 pilot to make an emission-free interception, detecting, aquiring, tracking and launching missiles without using the radar.

Long range interception
The AA-9 is similar in size, configuration and capability to the U.S. AIM-54 Phoenix, almost certainly employs onboard long-range active radar homing.

1x multi-barreled 30mm cannon, 170 rounds.
2x AA-9 "Alamo"
4x AA-10 "Alamo"
1x conformal fuel tank (unknown capacity)

Medium/Close range interception
The AA-10 "Alamo" is believed to be equivalent to the U.S. AMRAAM with inertia mid-course guidance and active radar for terminal homing.

1x multi-barelled 30mm cannon, 170 rounds.
6x AA-10 "Alamo"

The Mig-29 "Fulcrum" can carry a wide range of mixed air-to-air and air-to-ground warload. As the aircraft is more likely to be used as a 'swing' fighter than a pure 'mud-mower' we have limited the warload section to what this aircraft was designed for.

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