tomcat close-up

F-14 Tomcat "Fleet Defender"


The F-14B is fitted with the AN/AWG-9 fire control system, wich consist of a powerfull pulse-Doppler radar capable of simultaneously tracking up to 24 targets and engaging up to six, with a two-way datalink, computers, cockpit displays and (originally) an IR detection system. The radar was based on the AN/ASG-18 developed for the F-108 and uses a slotted planar array antenna.

Nozzle and Boat-Tail
Left : Externally, the F-14D can be distinguished from other variants by the General Electric / Martin -Marietta twin side-by-side sensor pods undernose, wich house the Northrop AN/AXX-1 TCS to starboard and the General Electric Aerospace Electronic System AN/AAS infra-red search and track sensor to port (seen here with a solid cover, perhaps indicating that the equipment is not fitted). These were ordered in 1993 for installation in 1996.
Right : The boat-tail of an F-14D features the high-band AN/ALQ-165 RHAWS antenna and the fuel dump pipe. Bays for tandem chaff/flare dispensers are located just under the boat-tail.

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