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The Bell

Last revised: 10 November 1996

¿Lée español? ¡Ven acá!

Welcome to The Bell, the Mike Oldfield Home Page! In case you've never heard of him, Mike Oldfield is probably the best musician this side of Gershwin. His style of music varies greatly, and his new albums are always a surprise. One thing that's constant, however, is his unique mastery of the guitar. You can always tell when Mike is playing, his style is without precedent.

Ok, so far I have made an album discography compiled from various sources and from my own collection of albums. Where possible I have included lyrics and there's even a few MIDI files, if you have a MIDI capable sound card. I don't have everything, and there are probably many mistakes and missing items. There is also a small list of song books for the musically adept.

I am also attempting to provide a biography with well-known facts and perhaps some not-so-well-known tidbits of information. Any stories or interesting facts is greatly appreciated!

Feel free to e-mail me suggestions, corrections, contributions and comments to Hopefully, I haven't stepped on anyone's toes, the intention here is to provide handy information for Mike Oldfield fans.

Album Discography
Song Books

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Loosely Related Sites

Logic/Audio is Mike's current sequencing software


Rene de Vreng for providing some excellent MIDI files.
Tom Dubinski for providing an album cover scan.
Gary D. Duzan for providing an album cover scan.
Miguel Fernandez for providing a translation of these pages into Spanish (and who also lives quite close to Mount Teidi!).
Jim Glass for correcting some of my mistakes, and going beyond the call of duty to provide album cover scans and other information.
Alan Harrison for providing some album cover scans.
Nancy Hunter for providing a list of music books.
Henning Moeller-Nielsen for providing album information including some cover scans.
Lawrence Moore for discussing his video project with me.
David Munoz for pointing me to other sites.
Lazlo Nibble for some of the discographic information.
Michael Skvarenina for providing some fan club information.
Francesc Verdu for providing a great MIDI file.
Gareth Williams for providing the data for Mike's asteroid.

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