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Eddie Sasha, CAF Col.

    enjoyed borowsing your site, you did a splendid job. E.

    Fri Apr 14 16:55:45 2000 ,

Steve Spinks

    I think this will make an excellent site to add to my extensive top site links pages. Spinksy of If anybody has a top site to recommend, then please email steve for immediate inclusion.

    Thu Apr 13 23:04:29 2000 ,

Nean Thompson

    I'm interested in information and accomodation options for next years Warbirds over Wanaka event. Please feel free to respond via my email address. Regards Nean My address: 12 Waterside Close, Melbourne Vic Australia 3029

    Tue Sep 28 07:35:28 1999 ,

harry tyson

    i but your issue classic wings downm under from wh smiths in rochdale u.kit is one of the better air craft mags,with lots of vintage planes.i look fowards to your next issue

    Sat Sep 4 22:48:09 1999 ,

HG Beyer

    greetings from germany, very good photo gallery c you

    Mon Aug 23 21:26:38 1999 ,

Paul Blau

    Graham, I wanted to thank you for getting my message to Steve Petersen so quickly. He was able to provide me with information to get my CJ-6 paint job going. Thanks and looking forward to the next issue. Best regards, Paul Blau.

    Wed Mar 31 06:00:58 1999 ,

simon murdoch, england

    still waiting for reply to my recent letter about subscriptions and short scion item. hope you received letter

    Tue Mar 16 16:44:06 1999

Paul Blau

    Hi, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your magazine. I travel to NZ just about every month and make sure that I don't leave without a current issue. I am in the process of purchasing a nanchang cj-6 and loved all your coverage. I am interested in E-mailing Steve Petersen to get the details on his paint scheme as I would like to paint my cj-6 the same or very similar. If you could either send me his e-mail address or see that he gets mine, I would really appreciate it. I will have to have the details to the paint shop within the next month. I just sent in a subsciption to CWD , so that I won't miss an issue. Please keep up your fine publication. My e-mail is and my home address is Paul Blau, 160 Winding Rock Rd. Goose Creek, South Carolina, 29445 USA.Thanks for all your fine work and keep it coming. Sincerely, Paul Blau

    Fri Mar 5 05:54:07 1999 ,



    Thu Feb 11 15:23:06 1999 ,



    Thu Feb 11 15:22:07 1999 , ACEAIR@TOCCOA.COM



    No comments.

    Thu Feb 11 15:19:01 1999

Mike Feisst

    I look forward to receiving the magazine each time. Keep up the good work.

    Tue Jan 26 19:19:45 1999 ,

Art Richter

    Congrats!!!! Great site. Enjoyed the photos. Whats it like to be a pilot downunder? I fly a Maule in the US and was wondering what would be the adjustments to flying there? Thanks for the tour, Art

    Sun Dec 27 19:41:53 1998 ,

Ilja Koch

    I forgot one important word i mean an retractible landing GEAR (Stahlin prisoned Polikarpov to built this plane for him)

    Wed Nov 18 02:57:16 1998 ,

ILja Koch

    Great page I think but were are the pictures of the first warbird with a retractable landing of the world the Polikarpov I-16 Rata

    Wed Nov 18 02:49:00 1998 ,

Andy Zigmantas

    I am interested in all Baby Aces, where they are flying, and any adventures owners/builders have with them.

    Tue Nov 17 04:05:32 1998 ,

Tim Rankin

    Great site. I have a cyber mate in the USA who has an L-16. He is looking for a genuine Korean war colour scheme for his aircraft. Can you help?

    Mon Nov 2 15:11:56 1998 ,

Pete Groves

    Graham: nice site,good graphics. Do you have any info on the progress of Glyn Powell and the mosquito project, have you published anything on him? if so please provide details so that I can order the back issues, I found one issue of your publication in a store in britain but have seen no more, very good magazine. Do you have an E-mail adress for mr. Powell? Thanks

    Wed Oct 21 14:40:59 1998 ,

Patrick Moore

Annamaria Zuccoli

kelvin hurst

    Hi I like the magazine's and I hope it would be possible to send some infformation on the Yakovle Yak-3M Thanks

    Fri Sep 11 10:57:51 1998 ,

kelvin hurst

    Hi I like the magazine's and I hope it would be possible to send some infformation on the Yakovle Yak-3M Thanks

    Fri Sep 11 10:55:58 1998 ,

Rob Shewry

Douglas E Drummond

    My (copilot) wife & I will be traveling to AUS & NZ in about one year. We are interested in aeronutical and railway museums and possilbly personal flying. We have been talking to Air Tour people from Aus & NZ at Oshkosh. I am an experience private pilot and secretary of my Aero Club in the Chicago area. Your magazine looks very interesting.

    Fri Jul 17 06:35:00 1998 ,

Robert Bateson

    Im searching for a PV-1 Ventura Bomber information. My father Owen Bateson flew in this rare bird during WWII. He was stationed near Bougainville. Any info you have would be great! Sincerly Robert

    Thu Jul 9 02:15:56 1998 ,

Dave Prossor

    Graham, good to catch up with you at Wanaka. Give me a call when you in Vic next time.

    Sun Jul 5 05:56:09 1998

Alan Bentinck-Stokes

    The best aviation magazine in the world. Super cool graphics don't let the prop. stop.

    Fri Jul 3 09:50:35 1998 ,

Glen Scrivener

    An excellent magazine and web site. The articles on restorations has helped me a great deal in school projects and I will be looking forward to the next issues.

    Tue Jun 30 01:58:31 1998 ,

Stein Meum

    Great web-site!Nice photos and animation.Hope to do a trip downunder some time in the not too distant future.See you then!

    Mon Jun 29 19:50:41 1998 ,



    Sun Jun 7 09:48:31 1998 , B-JHUD@EXTRA.CO.NZ



    Tue Jun 2 03:13:59 1998 ,


Murray Grindley

    An excellent site and excellent magazine. Would like to hear from anyone who has a spare copy of the second and third issues they no longer want.

    Mon May 25 05:00:48 1998 ,

Bruce and Hayley Anger (nee Carr)

Ron Lee

    Loooking for information on Grumman S2F. Where might I find some scale drawings and data tables for power to weightratio max rate of climb and range.

    Thu May 21 05:15:19 1998 ,

Ted Meeuwsen

    Hi Graham, Thanks for a great website,and your articles on the CJ6A Nanchang, which made decide to restore Serial # 1332042. Any Nanchang ownwrs, please contact me on e mail.

    Wed May 20 11:14:25 1998 ,


    Yes, this was a blatent advertisement for my site, but I'm enjoying a visit to yours now.

    Sun May 17 04:54:32 1998 ,

Frank Howard

    Great magazine,pity it isn't monthly.I'llbe down to see you one day.don't go away.

    Thu Apr 23 09:07:09 1998 ,

Richard Owen

    Nice page very well set out, i like all of it well done on your page!

    Fri Apr 17 21:19:01 1998 ,


Noel Tresider

    Enjoyed the visit. I am working on a document covering the history of aviation gasoline (Australia in particular). Would be interested to hear from anyone with similar interest or information. Regards Noel Tresider PO Box 273 Hawksburn Vic 3142 Australia e-mail

    Mon Apr 13 05:29:53 1998 ,

John Munger

Boyd Hopkins

    Get your magazine with membership of NZ Warbirds - keep up the good work. Have you finished restoration of Tiger BSN ? an old friend.

    Mon Apr 6 13:26:21 1998 ,

Louise Herd

    Fantastic site!! Please visit Britain's Air Reserves Kind Regards Louise Herd

    Sat Apr 4 13:51:26 1998 ,

mike o'brien

    I have recently moved and my address has changed from 4/3 Pioneer st. Manunda. 4870 to now Unit 2/9 Bassano St. Geebung, 4034.Ph(07) 3865 7371.

    Sun Mar 22 00:01:16 1998 ,

Wayne Roberts

David J. Currie

    Please could you list our web site under your links page. We are members of Australian warbirds and subscribe to your magazine. Thankyou. Dave Currie

    Tue Mar 17 17:39:45 1998 ,

Rob Drury

    Graham, The web page looks great, congratulations. Rob Drury

    Wed Mar 4 00:28:29 1998 ,

David w. Peeler

David W. Peeler

    Excellent Magazine . Keep up the good work !

    Sun Mar 1 00:27:04 1998 ,

Glenn Tomlinson

    Would you like a story on a Blanic glider, about to be restored in West Aust.Reply to Ken Faull and he will let me know.

    Tue Feb 24 09:15:36 1998 ,

Greg Bedinger

    Floatplane pilot in the Pacific Northwest (USA) and British Columbia coast, DHC Beavers and Twin Otter.

    Mon Feb 23 06:35:08 1998 ,

Warren Denholm

    Hi Graham Are you interested in a full article on the restoration of Harvard 1057, written by yours truly? I've got some good photo's from along the way and we got some great (cover quality maybe) shots of her straight after the paintjob. Let me know. Regards Wal.

    Sun Feb 22 10:45:24 1998 ,

Shane F Glassey

ray thomas

    Well looking forward to revisiting your fine country again. We will be there for warbirds over wanaka in about 55 days. Maybe you will remember me from last oshgosh at the NATA camper. I own a T-28 and you gave me 4/5 of your old issues -- wow were they a hit with my airshow nut friends. looking forward to the trip.

    Tue Feb 17 22:49:35 1998 ,

Adam Blennerhassett

Troy Westrum

    Great magazine. I look forward to every issue. I just got on the web so I thought I would check out your site. Very nice. Best Regards!

    Tue Feb 17 03:42:10 1998 ,

Doug Fisher

    Great page wish it was more up to date, but I know you are very busy with the magazine alone. Cheers

    Fri Feb 13 00:13:13 1998 ,


William Metcalf

    Just brousing through publications at and came across your magazine. Very interesting. Very good material.

    Wed Feb 4 00:02:23 1998 ,

Don "Bucky" Dawson

    Warmest greetings from Ketchikan, Alaska! Great website-keep it flying! Sorry to hear about our ex-Amchitka P40K. Would like to hear from anyone with info/photos to share on Grumman twin-engined amphibians in civil or military service. I'm writing a book and restoring one here for our museum. Keep your airspeed up in the turns!

    Mon Feb 2 09:10:13 1998 ,


    Great mag., I purchase it when I have time to read.I'm a huge Corsair fan and ex. member of RNZAF. I'm 45 years old and as yet have not seen a Corsair in the "flesh"!,will we ever see one at Avalon?, my love of Corsairs was caused by my father Ted Brown who flew them in the RNZAF in the Solomons in WW11. I welcome any E.mail from Corsair buffs and I would be real chuffed if anyone who knew my father happened to reply.

    Sat Jan 31 16:11:50 1998 , warren @

G.S. Williams

    Just wanted to say that it's good to read a magazine for full-sized aircraft enthusiasts which has a part especially for modellers. Thanks for that. It's an impressive magazine, even without that. Keep up the good work. Best regards, G.S. Williams

    Tue Jan 27 19:57:06 1998 ,

Roger De Salis

    From Wellington New Zealand Yes, I buy the mag reasonably regularly.

    Tue Jan 27 01:57:07 1998 ,

Christian D Smith

    G'day Graham! Doing a bit of late-night "surfing" looking for Warbird sites. Was that material I sent any use to you? I'll try to catch up with Arthur Johnson re the Ceres - as far as I know it's not flying yet - and Jim Burry of Major's Creek (near Townsville) is supposed to have an airworthy Winjeel soon. Will keep you posted. Please advise postage costs for return of slides and photos and I'll send you a mail order or similar to cover costs. Regards, Christian D Smith Editor, Squadron News Australian Warbirds Association Limited

    Mon Jan 26 17:13:10 1998 ,

Ray Vuillermin

John Campbell

    Looking forward to the next magazine My son Paul and I are subsribers.

    Tue Jan 13 13:53:34 1998

Clive A. Lynch

    i get the magazine from my local newagent, not by subscription. my basic reson for doing so is simple, it provides local employment, keeps my money in local circulation, and thus supports the community where i live. It may being intersting for you to run a questionaire in the magazine [which i think is great [- crawl,crawl, may i lick your boots mister?], to see what the readership thinks of my attitiude against subscribing, especially in these times of high unemployment.

    Fri Jan 9 16:33:37 1998 ,

Nick Lee

    Co-owner Winjeel A85-422 (VH-SOB) based Caboolture QLD. Member of Mustang Fighter Trust (Wirraway A20-695{flying} and Mustang A68-110{under restoration}. Thanks for the great coverage of Warbirds in Oz.

    Tue Jan 6 09:14:35 1998 ,

Dave & Kathy Currie

    Owners of Hawker Hunter T75S VH-RHO based at Archerfield Airport, Brisbane, Queensland

    Sun Jan 4 16:35:39 1998 ,



    Thu Jan 1 14:47:55 1998 ,

Marcus Vinicius Teixeira Borges

Michelle Harris

    This looks great. I have a friend who is also very keen. His name is Gordon McGlashen and he has a copy of your latest mag. Could you please send him some info as he hasn't a computer but his address is Bains Road, Waipara, North Canterbury. His fax no. is 03-3146-884.

    Tue Dec 30 09:25:39 1997 ,

Paul L. Wheeler

    Great site, but needs to be updated. Still havent heard from you about the piss-a-phone venturi.

    Tue Dec 23 12:35:43 1997

Tracy Field

    Sorry sent the wrong email address. Please add this one to your dbases. Cheers Tracy

    Fri Dec 19 06:57:14 1997 ,

Tracy Field

    You guys did a fantastic job with the story on the Air Spectacular at Caboolture in the 'current' issue. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to spend more time talking with Graham, perhaps we will get another chance some time in the future. The possibilities for the Air Spectacular are exciting, I'm sure you'll agree. Thanks for the fax - sorry I haven't got around to returning the favour Phil, but your kind words were very much appreciated. I am currently working with Lang helping him to raise the much needed money for the Hinkler flight. Hopefully this will come to fruition. If they do I might just make it over to Wanika. I hope I can catch up with you all there. Until then - or 1999 thanks for your support and assistance. Tracy Field

    Fri Dec 19 06:56:27 1997 ,

Mike O'Brien

    Excellent magazine! Any features on airshow at Mareeba, North Queensland '97? Keep up the great work!

    Sat Dec 13 00:04:44 1997 ,

William Cignoni


    Sun Dec 7 22:40:37 1997 , bcignoni@ticmailnet


    A very informative web site. Keep up the good work. Sunday,December 7 1997. 56th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Thank, PMP

    Sun Dec 7 10:09:24 1997 ,

Matthew Weston

    Fantastic magazine, I have been reading your magazine since the first issue and it is excellent. Perhaps you could look at running a small section on Aviation Art ? I have started my own small collection and it would be nice to find out about any local artists. Keep up the good work.

    Mon Dec 1 00:19:21 1997 ,

Paul Johnston

    Dear Graham, love your new web site.Graffix and pix great also. Almost as good as your mag.

    Sat Nov 29 12:26:06 1997 , pcmj&

Rob McCann (c/- Ryan McCann)

    Hi Graham. Checking out the latest in technology and found your site. They will let anyone on these days! We are having our Xmas party at Lockyer Valley Flying club tomorrow, Will have a fly for you. Cheers, Rob

    Sat Nov 29 12:00:05 1997 ,

Ken Chilton



Andrew Ronayne

    Hi guys, Congratulations again to CWD for producing one of the worlds' leading aviation magazines. I would like to call upon your readers for assistance with material for my web site "Warbugs Worldwide" - a site dedicated to the history, operation and preservation of Warbug (light observation/liaison) aircraft. My current focus is on US aircraft (L-2/L-3/L-4/L-5/L-6 etc) but I would also like to cover the Auster range as well as aircraft operated in the Observation/Liaison role by other nations. I require any images , pilot reports or notes, operational reports or anecdotes regarding Warbug operations that you can provide. I am especially interested in hearing from current or past owners of restored Warbug aircraft, or fellow enthusiasts of this class of plane. Andrew Ronayne 16 Dorset Street Leura NSW 2780 Australia

    Thu Nov 27 04:46:02 1997 ,

Yves Dumortier

John Fallis

    Hello Graham, Enjoyed our short visit at Oshkosh, and I have talked to both Mike Nichols and Mike Z about P-40 parts as you reccomended. I plan to visit Nz and Aus in Jan. Hope to see you folks there.

    Sun Nov 23 15:30:28 1997 ,

Chas Edmonds

Larry Hill

    Great magazine - I enjoyed the article on TT Bland -

    Tue Nov 18 23:48:05 1997 ,

Peter Blackmore

    Great aviation magazine which I look forward to receiving each quarter. Always good to find out what restorations are going on in your own backyard. Great profile on TT which I found most interesting Looking forward to similar profiles

    Sun Nov 16 09:16:39 1997 ,

Keith C. Mitchell

    Classic Wings. Best Mag I have read. Look forward for each issue.So well presented.. Keep it up!

    Sat Nov 15 05:38:09 1997 ,

Robin M Campbell

    First time on, and the graphics are as good as I am used to in your magazine Graham. Well done!!

    Thu Nov 13 21:52:21 1997 ,

Rod Blievers

Stephen R Death


Dick Odgers

    I am looking for major airshows in Australia or New Zealand that I could plan a trip around. Thanks

    Wed Oct 1 06:05:33 1997 ,

Talbot V Ridgway

    I have a 1931 Fleet model 2 converted to a model 7 I fly it about 100 hours a year to airshows here in the Pacific Northwest.It has been in the area all its life, and the Chinese women who bought it new is still alive and well living in Portland,Oregon.

    Fri Sep 26 20:24:21 1997 ,

peter evans

    Great site - and covers aspects of the warbird movement not covered in magazines here in Europe. Carry on the great work

    Fri Sep 19 21:04:36 1997 ,

Richard L'Écuyer

    Great looking Mag keep on the good work , Best regards Richard L'Écuyer Président Air Calm inc.

    Fri Sep 12 22:45:39 1997 ,

Paul D Harruff

    Someone send me this url and boy i am happy they did. this is a great site.

    Thu Sep 11 09:07:11 1997 ,

Bert W Combs

Charles Self

    Thanks for the email invitation to check out this wrbsite. I am not a pilot, but I love planes and especially vintage aircraft.

    Wed Sep 10 04:57:09 1997 ,

Alan Stephenson

    Killer page! Great graphics. I've got the worst sunburn I've ever had from looking up at the sky last weekend. Chuck Yeager, Bud Anderson, flying their respective P-51s in North Carolina. I love these old beautiful birds!

    Wed Sep 10 04:53:25 1997 ,

Jack Davidson

    Disregard previous email address. This one is really it. Sorry. Jack

    Wed Sep 10 04:35:20 1997 ,

Jack Davidson

Brian T. "Tommy" Goodwin

    Thanks for the invitation...your site is great!! I do love the warbirds and just this weekend saw Gen. Chuck Yeager in "Glamorus Glen III" and Coln. C.E."Bud"Anderson in "Old Crow" fly their P-51's together to kick off the Winston-Salem, NC "5th Annual Air Classic" celebrating Gen. Yeagers 50th anniversary of breaking the sound barrier. To see Gen. Yeager and his WWII friend and wingman, both Aces, fly their same P-51 Mustangs, 50-some years later, I think, was a rare treat indeed. Keep up the great magazine...I'll be getting my subscription. And come visit my webpage, "Tommy Goodwin's Carolina Wings" for lots of free planes for the Microsoft Flight Simulator..."into the air, junior birdmen".

    Wed Sep 10 01:47:38 1997 ,

Steve Chaplin

Nelson Ek

    Nice site. Cool pictures. It would be nice with some more pics.

    Tue Sep 9 22:46:08 1997 ,

Nelson Ek

    Nice site. Cool pictures. It would be nice with some more pics.

    Tue Sep 9 22:45:55 1997 ,

William Reed

    Just lookin' ya'll over. Great web site. I am very interested in war planes of all makes and models.

    Tue Sep 9 22:30:27 1997 ,

Marc Joly

    Thanks for the opertunaty of seeing your site...

    Tue Sep 9 19:57:17 1997 ,


    Thank you from your mail. I thik good and interest homepage. Is there down under? Too far. I am Japanese. Nice to meet you. Bye!

    Tue Sep 9 18:08:14 1997 ,


    I love the homepage... keep up the good work .. thanks for the mail. bye for now....

    Tue Sep 9 11:53:18 1997 ,

Chris Tonthat

Vincent J. Moore

    In search of Hawker Hunter material on the internet, I stumbled across your web page--WOW! Nice magazine covers and good articles. I'd like to purchase past issues which have articles about the hawker Hunter. Can youy please advise which ones are available? Vince Moore Oceanside, California USA

    Sun Sep 7 03:55:55 1997 ,

Danny Howser

Rob Duncan

    Great site! Come browse our aviation yellow pages or see www./ I will put you on our favorite links page, but you might consider a small ad with us. We have over 1200 visitors per day.

    Sat Sep 6 17:12:16 1997 ,

Col. Frank J. Hasson, Jr.

Mark Maloney

    Love the Page, Have you viewed mine? Thanx so much!

    Sat Aug 30 15:27:58 1997 ,

Ken Stevenson (A.A.A.A.)

    A fine effort, every bit as good as your magazine. rgds Ken.

    Thu Aug 14 13:56:00 1997 , stevensk

West Sanders

pere puig

    I have discovered a very interesting web page in the aviation field. Thank you very much!!

    Tue Aug 12 01:34:26 1997 ,

Robert C. Chandler

    Neville, enjoyed very much meeting you at Oshkosh. Give a call when next you're inSouthern CA. H=310 275 1244. O=310 777 6161. Have just gotten here, but this looks to be an excellent website. Judging from the quality of yer pub, no surprise. -Robert C

    Tue Aug 12 00:55:01 1997 ,

Don Plagge

    Great site, liked the B-29 story. Many of us siting here in south. ca. had no idea where Fifi came from! Keep up the good work. Anyone out there serve in the 432 Tact. Recon. Sqdn., Udorn RTAFB, '68-'69 (Halfmoon)?

    Mon Aug 11 18:47:53 1997 ,

Don Plagge

    Great site, liked the B-29 story. Many of us siting here in south. ca. had no idea where Fifi came from! Keep up the good work. Anyone out there serve in the 432 Tact. Recon. Sqdn., Udorn RTAFB, '68-'69 (Halfmoon)?

    Mon Aug 11 18:47:10 1997 ,

Louise Gettman

    Thanx for turning me on to this, Neville! From Louise and the rest of the tanker trash pilots at fire dispatch in WA, USA. Love the Bearcat & am seriously considering wintering in NZ

    Mon Aug 11 02:05:39 1997 ,


    To whom it might concern, I am looking for used up Allison V12 parts so i can look at them for a modeling project I am working on. The parts need not be any good. I just need to get a general idea of what the inside of an Allison V12 looks that can not be seen in the overhaul manual. If nessessary i can give the parts back or pay for them and the frieght to get them here. I would like to see the inside of the supercharger gear-case and the crankcase and one cylinder head with all or most of the involved parts. Or if any blueprints are available that would be ok. E-mail me at thankyou

    Sun Aug 10 18:05:16 1997 ,

Joe Gertler/Raceway Collection

    Yours is the best looking aviation web page BY FAR. Kudos to your art director. I am currently selling the hard parts (keeping my archives (400 crates of early aviation manuals, technical books and ALSO the archives of The Wright Company from 1909; The Curtiss companies from 1910-1980-with 1000'a of factory photos, patents, ledgers, 850 pp Wright Co. letters and much more in ten crates.) Selling our 50 year collection rare aero engines (many WWI)and instruments and parts to concentrate on the library. If you want a short article let me know. I can send you a list of the rare engines. including exc. Armstrong-Siddely Genet, 1910 British Humber 3 cyl."fan engine and more than 50 others. I have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of parts for WWI German aircraft and light aluminum museum quality replicas of a/c machine guns from WWI-WWII(Vickers,Lewis, Spandau, 50 cal. Browning)

    Sun Aug 10 18:01:34 1997 ,

gabe burbano

    Thanks for the lead...very nice site...i was not able to search features or articles on you past issues i think that if this information was available, we could order back issues...keep up the good work sincerely.... gabe

    Sun Aug 10 17:15:17 1997 ,

Susan Hull

    Very impressive - great graphics.

    Sun Aug 10 15:51:56 1997 ,

Susan Hull

    Very impressive - great graphics.

    Sun Aug 10 15:49:34 1997 ,

Wayne Sagar

Wm. Ledford

R.W. Roland

    Started viewing your site upon receiving Mr. Dawson's e-mail. Very much impressed after 20 minutes of viewing but SIN CITY (Las Vegas) is being hit by some severe T-storms so I'd better shutdown before my machine blows. Will surely be back later.

    Sun Aug 10 03:14:19 1997 ,

Geoff Penn - Vulcan Restoration Trust

    A really impressive web site - one that I have bookmarked and will come back to. Keep up the good work ! Best regards, Geoff

    Sun Aug 10 02:08:33 1997 ,

Ed Grose

    Congratulations on a classy site. Hello to 426 Sqdn(RCAF) Congrats on a great site! 426 Thunderbird Sqdn(RCAF) Assn has members in your neck of the woods. Cliff Quinn , Orewa, Hibbeus Coast and John Dalton, Kerikeri.John has a very intersting crest of the Squadron Flight Engineers section form Linton on Ouse UK(WW2).

    Sun Aug 10 00:32:26 1997 ,

Chris Faver

    this is a reall cool site and is easy to get around

    Sat Aug 9 10:51:12 1997 ,

wes nilson

Tom Burkhalter

    Mr. Neville Dawson was kind enough to point me your way. Very interesting page! I'll be sure to mention it to friends. Since I'm a docent at the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, NC, some of them will probably visit your site. Best of luck and regards, Tom Burkhalter

    Fri Aug 8 07:33:18 1997 ,

Jim Duthie

    Hello from an ex-pigeon in Canada. Your site looks very nice indeed.

    Fri Aug 8 06:14:53 1997 ,

Philip Tutton

    Interesting site. Could you use a shutter bug in the USA?

    Fri Aug 8 04:34:41 1997 ,


Neville Dawson

    Site is looking great and I wanted to be the first one in the guestbook.

    Tue Jul 29 03:56:35 1997 ,

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