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113315 The CH-113 Labrador, Canada's SAR workhorse, here is 113315.

124413  The CH-124 Sea King (124413) goes to sea as the Navy's airborne 'eyes'.

140121  For a deeper look out at above, and below Canada's waters, the CP-140 Aurora. (140121)

144610  The Challenger provides both airlift and electronics warfare training, this is 144610.

The Buffalo  Probably the most amazing large STOL aircraft I have ever seen, the DHC Buffalo.

Twin Otter  Among the few remaining in the Forces is this Yellowknife based DHC Twin Otter.

116763  In a look to the past, here is 116763, a CF-5 seen soon after it's retirement.

137005  The big Boeings are also retired, the CC-137's will live on as USAF J-STARS aircraft.

101031  Further in the past is the CF-101 Voodoo, here is 101031 of 416 Lynx Squadron.

104763  And who could forget the rocket, the CF-104 Starfighter, 104763, - straight and fast.

121168  While not quite as fast as the 104(!) a look back at Canada's Naval Aviation past.

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