The Point of the Spear - U. S. Marine Corps Aviation

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USMC A Marine Corps mass flyby at MCAS Cherry Point, NC.

223-11  A Cherry Point based Harrier in the North Carolina sunshine.

163424  The AV-8B gives the Marines the unique capability of forward basing without permanent airfields.

VMAT-203  This VMAT-203 AV-8B is seen at the Naval Rework Facility at Cherry Point.

VMA-223  Here is the 'pointed end' of VMA-223's Commanders Bird, no bright markings here.

wh-21  This Harrier, without the ventral gun pod (see the previous photo) sits ready.

Harrier nose  Showing it's British heritage the Harrier is one of the few US acft that is entered from the right side.

Bulldog 04  Another Bulldog of VMA-332, this time 04 with TER's and missile rails .

Prowlers  A pair of USMC Prowlers undergoing maintenance before the first flight of the day.

161348  VMAQ-1's 161348 awaits her crew, note the open ram air turbine.

161779  An EA-6B of VMAQ-3 (161779) taxis in after recovery.

(More Marines - F/A-18, Helo's, and OV-10's, plus a Phantom!)

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