The Point of the Spear - U. S. Marine Corps Aviation

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Beaufort Hornet A beautiful F/A-18 Hornet of MCAS Beaufort's VFMA-122.

VMFA-251  Also based at Beaufort, South Carolina, is this VMFA-251 Hornet seen at Cherry Point.

VMFA-251  A more subdued Thunderbolts Hornet, ready to taxi.

VMFA(AW)-224  All weather attack is the style of VMFA(AW)-224 the Fighting Bengals.

VMFA-112  Gone, but never forgotten, the Phantom was the muscle behind Marine Aviation for decades.

HMLA-167  Big brother - little brother? This HMLA-167 Cobra sits in front of an Air Force C-5.

Phoenix  Vertical heavy lift, the CH-53 can move it, and move it fast.

155302  Although old the CH-46 Sea Knight is the workhorse of the Marine Corps.

Broncos  Also now retired are the OV-10's, one of the ultimate 'go anywhere, do anything' aircraft.

OV-10  Here's a closer look at the Bronco.

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