My Helicopter-Kit Project

Since I have not had a garage available at our current location, and a hangar at an airport was not available back then either, I had the idea with the kitchen in our house. It was a kinda tight, though. This might be one of the few helicopters that actually are constructed in a regular kitchen. It is alot of fun and very comfortable, too. Just imagine ...A/C, TV and stereo, food - all available while I work. As you can see in my Resume, this is not what I usually fly. But RotorWay even offers flight training for guys like me with zero helo-time and others who i.e. want to insure their toy. Yes, there is insurance available for it. I think it is the most beautiful little helicopter around. Get one for yourself!
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Project pictures:

On October, 10th the helicopter was moved to Potomac Airfield, Maryland, Hangar 21 for completion. A U-Haul truck is all one needs. Yes, it is a two-seater, but of a reasonable size.
After repainting the frame (considering the high humidity around here - US East Coast) the helicopter was ready for engine installation. The rest is child's play, like they want you to believe at RotorWay - not! It took 500 hours of real work (not counting looking for parts or reading the construction manual).

More project pictures:

After all, it is a very well organized kit that can be done by the first time builder. Just plan for more time than those 300 hours what they say. It took me 1.5 years and 1000 hours of my time.
Many thanks to my friend Miles, a hands-on machinist and engineer by education, who help me with the most complicated jobs like rotorblades, tailrotor, and engine installation. I also thank George who let me fly his Jetranger in preparation for the RotorWay flight school, and last but not least, Ray , an EAA Technical Counselor who made sure that everything went right with the FAA-inspection.

First Flight, January 30, 1997:

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Here's the official RotorWay International Home Page

Leading General Aviation into the Future!

Rotorway International's EXEC 162F

RotorWay... At the forefront in the design and engineering of lightweight helicopters.


Combining a technological breakthrough in powerplant design with refinements to a highly successful, award winning airframe, the new Exec 162F has elevated a tradition into a revolution in helicopter performance.

The Exec 162F's powerplant is the most advanced in the industry, utilizing the very latest, fully automated, digital, electronic control system known as "FADEC". Designed to incorporate high performance, with maximum reliability, maintenance on the Exec is kept to a minimum. Fuel consumption is only 8 gallons per hour and Avgas is not necessary, the Exec 162F works perfectly with 92 Octane. Long lifetime components with replacement costs typical of those found in the amateur built category are reflected in the Exec162F's incredibly low operating costs. Costs are a fraction those of the nearest production craft.

The Exec 162F utilizes an asymmetrical airfoil for improved autorotation characteristics and safety. An elastomeric rotor hub eliminates a lot of moving parts, bringing considerable simplicity to the rotor system.

Oshkosh Grand Champion, Sun N Fun Grand Champion, year after year RotorWay Helicopters take home numerous awards - in 1995, for the first time in history, a helicopter won England's P.F.A's Best kit built aircraft award - that helicopter was a RotorWay.

The many precfabricated components of the Exec 162F make the kit an easy project for the first time builder. The average build time of only 300 hours, is one of the lowest in the kit industry. There is no welding to be done, only minor fabrication work and all components are pre-assembled.

Each of the Exec 162F's smaller components are provided on detailed shrink wrapped cards. Each part is numbered to coincide with the construction manuals, prints, and templates. Construction manuals are in see-do style using step by step photographs. The Exec 162F can be built and stored in a one car garage. The kit was designed with the amateur builder in mind and no special tools are required. The Exec 162F is the most complete, high performance kit on the market today!

RotorWay takes its products through design, machine shop, assembly ,and quality control all under one roof, using state of the art machinery and computerized quality control equipment. By doing this, consistent quality controlled components can be achieved. Each component is assembled by a factory trained technician and is ready to be positioned in the helicopter. All assemblies, including the RI 162F powerplant, elastomeric rotor system, secondary drive unit, and asymmetrical rotor blades are manufactured at RotorWay.

Customer service is complete, with full time technical staff just a phone call away!

When you've finished building the Exec 162F, we'll teach you how to fly and maintain your helicopter.

All over the world Exec's are being used to perform a multitude of tasks: crop spraying, commuting, police surveillance, forestry observation and ranch work. With the Exec's performance, combined with affordability, the possibilities are endless.

Situated on Stellar Air Park, just south of Phoenix, a 37,000 sq.ft. facility houses all of RotorWay's Sales, Manufacturing, and Flight School Facilities.

With the introduction of the Exec 162F came a new cabin design. The side by side seating arrangement was modified from that of previous models, adding 2 cu. ft. of cabin space and greatly increasing cabin comfort. The cabin now boasts 44 inches across the shoulders, a length equal to that found in a Cessna Airplane. The floorplan was widened to provide more leg room. Cabin doors also were widened to improve accessibility to the cabin. Pilots of up to 6 ft. 4 in. will fit comfortably in the Exec 162F's roomy cabin. Stylishly finished in neutral gray upholstery, seating is wide and very comfortable.

Visibility from the Exec's Cabin is nothing short of "Spectacular". A low profile console provides plenty of room for instruments and avionics. The "FADEC" Digital Display Screen allows the pilot to monitor helicopter systems either on the ground or in the air, a feature unmatched in the kit industry. Dual controls are standard with each kit.

The Exec 162F utilizes the latest in fuel injection and electronic ignition. The "FADEC SYSTEM" (Fully Automated Digital Electronic Control) controls the Exec 162F powerplant. This processing unit provides the powerplant with the correct fuel, air, and ignition ratios required for optimum performance with minimum fuel expenditure. Sensors monitor the engines vital functions. These are provided to the pilot via a digital display in the cockpit. This display will also automatically display any system operating out of its normal range.

Unique to this system is its excellent component redundancy. All Systems have a backup and in the event of a total loss or failure of any system component, including the electronic control unit, a redundant system will automatically engage for uninterrupted operation. Dual electronic ignition, electronic fuel injection, and complete engine monitoring are all part of the "FADEC" system. The Exec 162F is the world's best selling helicopter in its class, isn't it time you took a closer look! Call us today for more information or to schedule a factory tour!

Power Plant: RI 162F (162
Seats: 2
Gross Weight: 1500 lbs.
Empty Weight: 975 lbs.
Equipped Useful Load: 525 lbs.
Pilot & Passenger Load: 425 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 17 gal.
Rate of Climb: 1000 FPM
Hover IncGround Effect: 7000 ft.
Hover OutcofcGround: 5000 ft.
Service Ceiling: 10,000 ft.
Range, Max. Fuel Cruise 180 mi./2 hrs.
Normal Cruise: 95 MPH
Max. Airspeed: 115 MPH

RotorWay International

4140 W.Mercury Way
Chandler, AZ 85226
Phone (602)961-1001
Fax (602)961-1514

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