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Note: If you got a slow connection - no need to wait for the animated image to load (170K) unless you really want to see it. Just click on the "MiG-21 Page" button and start reading about history and development of the legendary MiG-21 "Fishbed".
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This page is dedicated to the brave and loyal pilots of the East German Air Force. We are proud to say that no active air force pilot ever defected. The page is also dedicated to all military personnel (too many to list with their specialty) who made the East German Air Force one of the best and most reliable forces within the Warsaw Pact. (T.K.)
The MiG-21 Page has received alot of attention by WWW visitors. We are simply overwhelmed. Thank you all for your support.

These pages are very image intensive. You've been warned! Please be prepared, relax, and ...enjoy!

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