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Air Force Resources

The Russian Aviation Page by Alexei Gretchikhine
Alexei Gretchikhine maintains this index of Web resources for Russian Aviation enthusiasts. This is an excellent Site!

Do you want to buy a MiG for yourself? Red Star Aviation!
David Sutton is the guy to contact, then. Red Star Aviation is in the business of importing former Eastern Block airplanes, providing support, flight training etc.

Jet Fighter Quick Reference by Werner Bergmans with Pictures

Canada's Air Force Page

China Defense Page by Feng Wang

China's Air Force Update Program by David A. Fulgum

Royal Australian Air Force


The Planes Of the RAF by Paul Crossley

Swedish Military Aviation by Urban Fredriksson

Finish Air Force by Matti Yrjölä

three-four-nine... Home Of Belgiums F-16s by Lieven Dewitte

The Brazilian Air Force Page by Prof. Rudnei Dias da Cunha


US Air Force Reserves

US Naval Air Warfare Center

Fishbeds' Homepage
Piri Tamas is the author of this excellent summary on the legendary MiG-21.

Thud Ridge Web by Rick Versteeg

Indian Air Force Page by Rupak Chattopadhyay

General Aviation Links

Airshows Calendar, Thunderbirds, List of Aviation Museeums, Pictures, Site in France, excellent Links

A Must for every Ultalight Fan, not only US...International

Flightschool Database, Links for Instructors

"Airline Employee Placement Service", a very good source for every pilot , See what is going on with the Airlines!

Much of Everything, Site maintained by Embry Rriddle Aviation University

Written Test Programs for Private and Instrument Pilots, never worked on me

More Weather, Links to Weather Services, NASA, NOAA, ESA, Hurricans, Research, ...What have you!

EAA Chapter 4 Homepage, "We build to fly"

The most comprehensive Airplane Picture Archive available!

EJECT! The Aviation Homepage. excellent site in NL

Aviation Poetry compiled by Morgan Jones

Aerospace and Defense NewsPage

LANDINGS - Aviation's Busiest Cyber-Hub