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Hi, I am
Thomas Kraft
Welcome to my WWW Homepage

Now that I am living on the US East Coast, life really looks alot different. Wish I was in TEXAS -:). I used to be a Mig-21 Pilot in the East German Air Force, and that was before "the people" pulled down the Berlin Wall . Although many knew that it would happen, nobody really knew when, and neither did I. So it actually was quite a surprise to suddenly have "hard currency" and be an unemployed free world citizen. The unemployment rate in my beautiful hometown "STRALSUND" has exceeded 30 %. Some folks really are out of luck now. But please do not get me wrong. I am happy to be on this side of the Wall. It just is a tragedy that so many people want the Wall back, and this time they would make it even higher.
But, enough of politics!

Sie sprechen fliessend deutsch? All right, O.K., hier ist die deutsche Variante meiner Seite.Picture of german flag
Ich würde mich sehr über e-mail aus Deutschland freuen.

Would you like to see my latest project? It is a full-size two-seat homebuilt helicopter kit. This is my RotorWay Excec 162F that I am building in (...bless my wife) our kitchen.

Here you can see me in an Alert Unit Aircraft Shelter waiting for the Americans to attack us.

My Pilot Resume


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