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Dear Visitor!

My name is Emil KIRSCHNER - call me Entzi - and I maintain the Photo Panel at the Top Site. I decided to write this column because of some negative feedback I got on my "call for papers" campaign. I want now to explain what the Photo Panel is and what my intentions are.

The SIPs (Special Interest Panels) are places on the TopSite where every one who has something to say about a specific subject and wants to share it with other people is welcome to do it. TopSite does not charge for this, I keep the original copyrights and I do not publish anything without the explicit permission of the author. In order to accomplish this I started a "call for papers" action consisting in sending e-mail to people interested in photography asking them to contribute, IN THE SPIRIT EXPLAINED BEFORE. I DO NOT ask people to write my pages. TopSite wants to give people with the same hobby or professional interest the opportunity to share experience and information and does not try to take advantage of anyone. Click here if you want to find out about the general procedure of contributing to the SIPs. This procedure is recommended, but it is allays a good idea to contact the SIP maintainer first and tell him about what you want to post.

In particular, the PhotoSIP wants to bring together people with a special interest in photography. I'll try to keep the SIP up to date with the latest news and product information in the photographic industry as well as post information about older but still excellent photographic equipment. I will also provide links to as many photo related sites as I can visit (after all the day has only 24 hours :-)  ) and try to make the stuff as interactive and easy to use as possible.

So, no matter if you are a professional or a beginner,

please tell me about it and I'll post it. This may be not be very comfortable but I promise I'll fix that soon providing the SIP with an interactive form which you can fill online. That should be all. Thank you for visiting the PhotoPanel and for reading this. Yours sincerly, Emil KIRSCHNER.
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