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February 15th 1997
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November the 12th 1996 to February 15th 1997

  • We also suggest you try an alternative approach to visiting our site : enter TopCity - a small VRML world that is supose to grow and let you explore all or most of TopSite. A draft for TopCity is now available. A more ellaborate version should be expected soon.

  • The Online Services section features the Radiotel paging service.

  • Information about our company is available via TOP EDGE Engineering's Home Page. Some basic data is available right now but we're working to bring you more.

  • The HomePages section now features the Home Page of the Dolj County Hall (the Prefect's Office)

  • We display informations about the education establishments in Craiova. You can find out about several highschools, their addresses, their profile and other facts consulting our HomePages section. Watch for more to come.

  • Personal HomePages are also present on the TopSite. Check them out by visiting our HomePages section. More Personal HomePages coming soon ...

  • The local IEEE chapter brings you information and news about mebers, profile, and activities. You will also find useful links to the University of Craiova. The IEEE Craiova page is featured in the HomePages section.

  • We feature the Homepage of the "Vulcan" speology club.

  • We feature the Homepage of the "LEO" club.

  • A draft format of the Search Area has been set up and you can use it if you like.

The first whatsnew header read :

  Craiova, Romania the 16th of January 1997
TopSite is hosted by TOP EDGE Enginering of Craiova, Romania. Many thanks to our provider LOGIC TELECOM (the best), who helped us put things in place in a record time. Special thanks to the "crash team" (a.k.a. Cornel and Vampi) for staying late at night with crazy people like us. Also our special thanks to the team at SIROM GRAPHICS for their support.
Well, these days almost everything's new around here since we just came online. So keep in touch and watch our site as it grows and brings you more information by the day. Here's a list of the new things we managed to bring online so far :

November the 12th 1996

  After a couple of weeks in trial, www.topedge.com came alive (and remained online ever since ...).