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YAAP Hangar - rendered images
last updated :
April 07th 1997
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This page gives you access to a growing list of rendered aircraft images.


[ Aircraft shaped bullets ]
F-14 ] [ F-15 ] [ F-16 ] [ F-18 ]
[ A-10 ] [ AH-64 ] [ B-1 ] [ Bell Ranger ]



Aircraft-shaped bullets
  • Bullet Set No. 1
    This set cosists of a few small aircraft icons (transparent gifs) that I developped for YAAP. They can be easily used to mark-up any web aviation work. Enjoy !

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  • F-14 Rendered Image Set No. 1
    This set cosists of 11 Tomcat shots that I rendered for YAAP. They are presented in various sizes as transparent gif's - both antialiased (against a dark background) and non-antialiased - and as jpeg images. Enjoy !

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More to come ...
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TOP EDGE Engineering
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