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MK-GRU7A Ejection Sequence:

1    Ejection initiated: Shoulder harness retracted, canopy hooks cut and canopy ballistically jettisoned, safe and arm device fired, RIO's seat triggered, pilot's seat delayed 0.4 seconds.
2    Catapult fires: Leg restrainst pulled tight, drogue-gun and time-release mechanism tripped, emergency oxygen bottle activated, IFF and ECM destruct switch actuated, personnell services disconnected, rocket motor gas generator lanyard pulled as seat goes up rail, rocket motor ignited.
3    Drogue gun fires 0.5 seconds after ejection.
4    Duplex drogue parachute system deployed.
5    Duplex drogue parachute system stabilizes and decelerates seat.
6    Above 13,000 ft (+/- 1,500 ft): barostat secures time release escapement mechanism until descent to lower altitude, drogue parachute retention shackle remains locked to seat by restraint scissor, seat and occupant descent through higher altitudes on drogue parachutes only. Below 13,000 ft (+/- 1,500 ft): Barostat frees time release mechanism. Time release mechanism subsequently releases drogue shackle restraint scissor, occupant's shoulder harness restraints, lap belt leg restraints parachute container and survival kit. Release of shackle permits continued pull of drogue parachutes on link lines to release face curtain restraint, and main personnel parachute. Occupant remains attached to seat by sticker clip retention of lower restrainst harness on seat bucket.
7    Line stretch of main parachute pulls occupant, survival kit and lower restraint harness free of sticker clips. Seat fall free. Occupant discards face curtain and continues normal parachute descent.

Graphic: Grumman

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