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F-14D Pilot's Cockpit

Heading Scale [] Flight direction/compass with "36" = 360 = North.
Pitch Scale [] Angle between the aircraft's actual vertical flight direction and the horizon line.
Airspeed [knots] 1 knot = 1.852 km/h = 1.151 mph.
Angle of Attack [] Angle between the aircraft's actual vertical flight direction and the aircraft's x-axis (where the aircraft's nose is pointing to).
Mach Number Airspeed divided through speed of sound, depends on altitude (temperature and air pressure). Subsonic speed when Mach Number < 1, supersonic speed when Mach Number > 1.
Current "Gs" A value describing the load that pilot and aircraft's structure experience during maneuvers. G = lift divided through aircraft mass.
Bank Scale [] The angle between the horizon level and the wings when the aircraft is turning.

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F-14 Cockpit:
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