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F-14 Memorabilia

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F-14 Squadron Prints:

Squadron prints (see below) are professional high-quality colour-prints on cardboard, size 29.7 cm x 42.0 cm (11.7 in x 16.5 in), NOT home-made (ink-jet) prints. Each squadron print includes a very detailed graphic of an F-14, a brief squadron history, a squadron logo and information about the shown Tomcat.

F-14 Squadron Print XXL: A special high-quality multi-aircraft print is available now! Click on the image to the right for details!

Squadron Prints: VF-1 ... VF-11, Prototypes   VF-14 ... VF-213, Test Squadrons

All graphics Copyright © Torsten Anft

Squadron prints on display at the Grumman History Center, Bethpage & at the Grumman Memorial Park, Calverton (see image below):

F-14 crews: Ask for a special print of your F-14 complete with its BuNo., Modex No., special markings and your names! Looking for a special squadron print with your latest cruise patch? No problem: Just drop me a note!

The following prints are available so far (click on images to view a larger sample):

The 30th anniversary print (below left) is available with any F-14 from any squadron you want!
1970-2000: 30 years F-14
Grumman F-14A 1X, 1981
Grumman F-14B, 1984
Grumman F-14A (F-14D testbed), 1987
VF-1 F-14A, 1974
VF-2 F-14D, 25th Anniversary, 1996
VF-2 F-14D, 2000
VF-2 F-14D, 2000
VF-11 F-14B, 1998
VF-11 F-14B, 1998

Click here for more F-14 squadron prints of other squadrons.
Squadron Prints: VF-1 ... VF-11, Prototypes   VF-14 ... VF-213, Test Squadrons

Are you looking for a squadron print that is not yet available? Would you like another colour scheme? Let me know and I will do my very best for you!

All graphics Copyright © Torsten Anft

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F-14 Squadron Prints | Other Squadron Prints | F-14 Reference CD ROM | Prices & Payment

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