If you're impressed by this page then these are the people to thank, not me. I simply assembled all that was given to me. These people are the ones who have provided the facilities, the knowledge, the pictures, the stories and most importantly the large amounts of patience necessary to deal with my questions. Some of these people probably live in fear of the phrase "I've just one more question, if you don't mind........" While some have provided more help than others, everyone's contribution has been important, thus this list is arranged in alphabetical order, not in any order of importance.
Many others not on this list have also contributed, pointing out my errors, providing recollections and tidbits of information. A complete list would take up huge amounts of space so I'd just like to express my gratitude to them also.

If you think your name should be on this list please e-mail me so that I can correct the oversight. The same goes if you would like your entry on this page changed in any way.

Paul Abadesso provided the images from the NAS Miramar 1994 airshow and huge amounts of data on F-14 serials and where they all are now. Without him the F-14 block pages would be much emptier.

Torsten Anft for squadron information and pictures. Torsten is also the author of the fine artwork now featured in all my squadron histories.

Terry Ashley has contributed with some excellent pictures of VF-2 F-14D's.

Cdr. David Baranek, USN (Ret). 'Bio' is one of the great air to air photographers and has been kind enough to share images with the Alley. Formally in command of VF-211 'Checkmates' he was also willing to share time at the 1999 NAS Oceana airshow. Thanks for all the stories of how Navy flying really works.

Scott Bilyou, formerly a plane captain with VF-142, has provided all manner of information on the F-14A PLUS and Navy life.

Bones has provided some fine F-14 images and future versions of the page will see more of his work appearing.

David F. Brown Perhaps THE #1 Tomcat photographer, Dave has produced Tomcat Alley, a book with images of every USN F-14 built. Dave introduced me to close up photography at NAS Oceana and for that can never have enough thanks.

Johnathan Cooper of Tomcat University has provided lots of F-14 LANTIRN information and contacts.

Dorian Dogaru and all at YAAP for giving me space to bring this creation to life. While it may have seemed a good idea at the time they probably suffer nightmares about it now. :) Extra thanks to Dorian for all the wonderful animations he has created for this page.

Bill Hammond has been kind enough to provide VF-31 and VF-143 images from Roving Sands 1997. Coming soon will be some VF-111 images from him.

Dennis Johnson has provided several fine images, of among others VF-41, VF-102 and VF-103, most impressively he has provided the first shot of a VF-32 F-14B, giving Tomcat Alley an Internet (and possibly) world first (unless anyone knows better).

James C.Kao for giving me space at Tomcat's Lair to start my F-14 ramblings. James has also contributed some fine F-14 pictures to the picture galleries.

Rodger Kelly has provided images of VF-2 and VF-213 aircraft during carrier visits to the port of Fremantle, Australia.

Mango & Dooley from VF-103 Jolly Rogers, for their time and effort in arranging a visit.

Dave Melleby has been kind enough to send me some original VF-33 photos. These will be appearing in a new gallery. Many thanks to him for filling this gap in the image galleries.

Military Aviation Review. A great little magazine for spotters, this has been helpful in providing some F-14 sightings for the data blocks.

Walt Morgan has provided a huge amount of sightings on individual F-14's and is thus largely responsible for the enlarged Block pages. He's also taken the time to help guide me through the data and answer any queries I have.

Jim Mulligan a Plane Captain with VF-74 BeDevilers in the late 1950's when they flew F4D-1 Skyrays. He served onboard USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA-42) and USS Intrepid (CVA-11). Jim has provided a wealth of VF-74 historical information from his personal collection and I cannot thank him enough.

Lt Jim Muse, formerly of VF-31 Tomcatters. For some awesome air to airs.

Neeko & Eliz, my kind hosts during two visits to Oceana, these two have put up with a lot, including my unique pronunciation. Also thanks to Herbie & Boo-Boo, who provided hours of entertainment (sorry about the tail Herb, but that's what you get for sitting in the way of the bathroom at 4am!:)

Dave Parsons, a former F-14 pilot, has been very kind in allowing me to use some images from his excellent book "Fighter Country-The F-14 Tomcats of NAS Oceana".

Thierry van Pevenae has contributed some fine images of VF-11, VF-31 and VF-74, as well as helping me out on aircraft BuNos.

Brian Plescia has provided information on colour schemes and units, the mammoth Hasegawa model kit review and some wonderful images. He's looking for old pals from VF-24, VF-31 and other F-14 units, so if you know him give him a mail.

Nigel Pretty has contributed data on F-14 squadron assignments.

Troy Quigley for telling me all there is to know about the F-14.

Lt Dave Raymond, USN, has provided several fine images for the archives and squadron data.

Mark Richards has provided images of VF-2, VF-154 and VF-213.

Darryl Shaw for all his wonderful US Navy unit patch scans and some fine images of Navy aircraft.

Robert Smith provided the inspiration for the Squadron Awards page

Lt. Ted Turner, VF-31 PAO, for being cool about the tour.

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