F-14 Tomcat Kit Details

At present this page features only bare information about all the 1/72nd F-14 model kits that I know of in existence. It will be expanding to cover other scales and to give more detailed reviews of each kit.

Kit information is in the current format:- first the F-14 variant the kit builds into, then the product code of the manufacturer, finally any details I have about the colour scheme/equipment/weapons included with the kit.

Hasegawa 1/72nd

Brian Plescia has been kind enough to do an extremely comprehensive review and tips for the Hasegawa F-14's. Check it out here

F-14A Low vis (K12)
Decals for:- VF-74(?)

F-14A Hi vis (K12X)
Decals for :- VF-84 hi-vis
VF-111 hi vis

F-14A Pacific F.S. (K37)
Decals for:- VF-21
VF-111 hi-vis, two different schemes for CAG aircraft, one from 1985 and one from 1988
VF-124 air show display aircraft markings (image can be seen in the VF-124 history section)

F-14A Atlantic F.S. (K38)
Decals for:- VF-84 hi-vis CAG "200" CVN-71
VF-84 med-vis (black tail) "207" CVN-68
VF-31 hi-vis (with & without red background) "202" CV-59
VF-102 low-vis (no snake on tail) "111" CV-66
All painted in FS16440 overall (Hu129)
Kit has old style gun vents, TF-30's only, TARPS pod, no weapons

F-14A Wolfpack (K39)
Decals for:- VF-1 hi-vis

F-14A Wings 94 Independence (K103)
Decals for:- (?)

F-14A Wings 95-Atsugi (K112)
Decals for:-VF-21
Both schemes are of aircraft from the 1995 Atsugi airshow.

F-14B Grim Reapers (K113)
Decals for:- VF-101 "AD 101", red tail bird from the 1997 NAS Oceana airshow,
No weapons, bombs racks or TARPS are included.

F-14A Farewell Freelancers (K115)
Decals for:-VF-21 Farewell Scheme "NF 200" BuNo:-161616 black tail
VF-21 "NF 202" low vis, BuNo:-162589
The kit uses K103 Wings 94, Atsugi Independence as the base, including instructions from that kit. also included are decals from Wings 95 Atsugi Independence kit, which allow you to build the VF-154 black tail bird in addition to the VF-21 aircraft.

F-14D Super Tomcat "Vandy 1" (K118)
Decals for:- All Black Bird F-14D with VX-9
Kit is a reissue of SP04, with a new resin part for the TCS and IRST pod and VX-9 markings. It is thus NOT representative of a fleet F-14D and needs alterations in several areas to improve accuracy. Look for a more detailed review soon.

F-14A Black Knights (K121)
Decals for:- VF-154 Special Scheme (Black Tails & Tanks)

F-14B Jolly Rogers
Decals for:-VF-103 Black tail, 1996 cruise
VF-103 Christmas scheme, including Skull with a Santa hat and candy instead of bones!!
Apart from that the kit is K113 Grim Reapers, simply new decals are added.

F-14D VF-2 Tomcat 25th Anniversary (K139)
Decals for:- VF-2 Tomcat 25th Anniversary Scheme "NE101" BuNo:- 159630
Another F-14 that uses the Grim Reapers kit as a base and includes a new decal sheet plus TCS/IRST to bring it up to a F-14D. Unfortunately the aircraft depicted should also have LANTIRN mods, plus the imporved cockpit of the D. The kit includes none of these, so be prepared for some work to make it a representative F-14D. The decal sheet is truly gorgeous though.

F-14A VF-154 Black Knights Kitty Hawk
New issue of the F-14A kit with decals for VF-154 to celebrate the arrival of USS Kitty Hawk to her new home port in Japan.

F-14A+(B) (KT02)
Decals for:- VF-74 low vis Desert Storm "AA" CV-60
VF-143 low vis, IKE celebration scheme, "AG" CVN-69

F-14A Plus Tomcat (SP02)
Decals for:-VX-4 "XF"

F-14A Tomcat Bicentennial (SP03)
Decals for:-VF-124 hi-vis with red/white/blue stripes on nose, wingtips and stabilators, "NJ 76"

F-14D Super Tomcat (SP04)
Decals for:-VX-4 "XF"

F-14A Tomcat "Black Bunny" Lo-Vis (SP05)
Decals for:-VX-4 lo-vis "XF"
VF-32 lo-vis

F-14A USS JFK Squadrons (SP14)
Decals for:- All Atlantic FS options above (kit K38) and
VF-14 hi & low vis "100" & "112" CV-67
VF-32 hi & low vis "201" & "202-07,210-14" CV-67
Painted in FS16440 (hi) & FS36320 (low) (Hu 129, 128)
Kit has old style gun vents, TF-30's, no TARPS, no weapons

F-14A Tomcat Nose Art (SP31)
Decals for:- VF-84 Gulf War (?)

F-14A USS Independence (SP61)
Decals for :- VF-21 low and hi vis markings, high vis has black tails
VF-154 low and hi vis markings, high vis has black tails

F-14A Bombcat "Black Aces" (SP97)
Decals for :- VF-41 hi-vis (full playing card on tail) "101" CVN-71
VF-14 low-vis (colour tail) "103" CV-67
VF-41 FS16440 overall (Hu129)
VF-14 FS35237 & FS36320 (Hu 145 & 128)
Kit has new style gun vents, TF-30's, no TARPS, 4x Mk83 1000lb
bombs & pylons, no other weapons

Fujimi 1/72nd

F-14A Sukhoi Killers
Decals for:- VF-41

F-14A Ali-cat
Decals for:-VF-41 low vis, "AJ102" (BuNo 160390), "AJ107" (BuNo 160403), CVN-68 (aircraft which shot down Su22s)
VF-111 hi vis, "NL200" (BuNo 160656), CVN-70
Imperial Iranian Air Force, "3-863"
Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force, "3-6020"
Kit has old style gun vents, TF-30's, AIM-9, AIM-7, AIM-54, TARPS,

F-14A Jolly Rogers (28002) (I-2)
Decals for:- VF-84 hi-vis
VF-41 hi-vis original scheme
VF-32 hi-vis original scheme

F-14A Bounty Hunters (28003) (I-3)
Decals for:- VF-2 hi-vis "NK 200" and low-vis splinter scheme
VF-1 hi-vis "NK 100"
VF-302 hi-vis "ND 200"

F-14A+(B) Check Mates (28004) (I-4)
Decals for:-VF-211 low vis
VF-24 low-vis
VF-143 low-vis
Kit Review available

F-14A Hello Independence (28006) (I-5?)
Decals for:- VF-21 low-vis 2 a/c CV-62
VF-154 low vis 2 a/c CV-62
new style gun vents, TF-30's & F101's in kit, new nose gear door, 4x
Phoenix, 2x Sparrow, 2x Sidewinder, TARPS pod, 2x spare engines &
stands (TF-30's)

F-14A Black Tail (35109)
Decals for:- VF-21 hi-vis(?) CV-62(?)
VF-32 hi-vis(?) CV-67(?)

F-14D Super Tomcat "Tomcatters" (28007)
Decals for:- VF-31 low vis (??) CVN-70
VF-11 low vis (??) CVN-70

F-14A Bombcat I (28008)
Kit includes Mk82 bombs

F-14A Bombcat II
Kit includes Mk20 Rockeyes

F-14D Super Tomcat (35116)
Decals for:-Red and white prototype aircraft

F-14A+(B) Desert Storm (35117)
Decals for:-VF-103 low vis(?) CV-60
also 2x temp camo schemes
kit includes TARPS pod, F101's

F-14D Super Tomcat
Decals for:-prototype red & white
prototype grey
kit includes TF-30's & F101's, but has old style gun vents, no dual chin pod

Fujimi 1/48th

F-14A Jolly Rogers (33001)
Decals for:-VF-84 hi-vis, 'AJ 200'

F-14D Super Tomcat (33003)
Decals for:-F-14D prototype 'Super Tomcat' white and red scheme
kit is of the F-14D prototype and thus does not include the dual TCS/IRST chin pod, has GRU-7A ejector seats instead of NACES and incorrect cockpit displays.
kit includes F110's, old style gun vents, drop tanks, AIM-9, AIM-7 and AIM-54's (the latter can be mounted on underfuselage pods or wing glove pylons).

F-14A Black Bunny (33004)
Decals for:-VX-4 Black Bunny
VF-21 Freelancers

Academy 1/72nd

F-14A Tomcat
Decals for VF-51(black tail)

Airfix 1/72nd

F-14A Tomcat
Decals for VF-1 hi-vis
VF-2 hi-vis

AMT/ERTL 1/72nd

F-14A Tomcat Desert Storm (Kit no 9119)
Decals for:-VF-1 'NE 103' low-vis, USS Ranger February 1991, BuNo.162603
VF-32 'AC 200' hi-vis (black tail), USS John F. Kennedy February 1991, BuNo.162701
Kit has old style (non-NACA) gun vents, moveable wings, engine nozzles in open (burner) or closed (dry),
4x AIM-54C Phoenix, 2x AIM-7 Sparrow, 2x AIM-9 Sidewinder (early version), 2x drop tanks
option of undernose IR sensor or TCS, canopy open or closed,
NO TARPS pod, missing ECM fairings on wing gloves

ESCI 1/72nd

F-14A Tomcat

F-14A+(B) TARPS pod

Heller 1/72nd

F-14A Tomcat
Decals for:-VF-84(?) hi-vis(?)

Hobbycraft 1/72nd

F-14A Tomcat

Italeri 1/72nd

F-14A Tomcat
Decals for:-VF-142 hi-vis
1 low vis squadron
old style gun vents, 4x Phoenix, 2x Sparrow, 2x Sidewinder, underwing pylons allow for fitment of either Phoenix or Sparrow, TARPS pod,

Decals for:-VF-74 low vis "AA" CV-60
VF-101 low vis "AD"
old style gun vents, 4x Phoenix, 2x Sparrow, 2x Sidewinder, underwing pylons allow for fitment of either Phoenix or Sparrow, TARPS pod, F101's & TF-30's included,

Italeri 1/48th

F-14B Super Tomcat (kit no 839)
Decals for:-VF-154 low vis "NF 105", BuNo:-163218
VF-74 low-vis, "AA 101" BuNo:-162919
kit includes TARPS, F110s, 2x Phoenix, 2x Sidewinder, 2x Sparrow, basically correct cockpit for F-14B, nice GRU-7 seats,

F-14A Tomcat Plus (kit no. 837)
Decals for:-VF-32 low vis "AC 202", BuNo:-160384
VF-31 hi-vis, red tail, black nose scheme, "AE 202", BuNo:-161858
kit includes 2x Phoenix, 2x Sparrow, 2x Sidewinder, drop tanks, no TARPS,

Both these Italeri kits are great quality, especially when you consider their low price compared to Hasegawa or Fujimi kits. The deatil is nicely engraved, cockpits are fairly accurate, ejection seats good, in short a great kit, either to make from the box or as a start for superdetailing. Only pity is that the F-14B includes VF-154 decals, a squadron that has never flown the F-14B.

Matchbox 1/72nd

F-14A Tomcat
Decals for:-VF-2 hi vis

Monogram 1/72nd

F-14A Tomcat
Decals for:-VF-111
snap tite kit

F-14A Tomcat
Decals for:-VX-4 Black Bunny
snap tite kit

Revell 1/72nd

F-14A Tomcat
Decals for:-VF-124 hi-vis centenary scheme "NJ 76" BuNo:-159616
VF-143 lo-vis scheme "AG 104" BuNo:-159616

F-14A+(B) Tomcat
Decals for:-VF-211 low vis

Revell 1/48th

F-14D Super Tomcat
Decals for:-VF-31 hi-vis, red tail, black nose scheme, "NK 200" BuNo:-
VF-2 low-vis, skull on tail scheme, "NE100" BuNo:-161163
Inlcudes NACES seats, IRST/TCS, F110 engines, 4x Phoenix, 2x Sparrow, 2x Sidwinder, no TARPS, cockpit is incorrect, as it has consoles for the F-14A, not F-14D

F-14A Black Bunny
Decals for:-VX-4 black Bunny

Revell 1/32nd

F-14A Tomcat
Decals for:-VF-111 low-vis
VF-124 hi-vis "Fightertown USA" scheme

Tamiya 1/32nd

F-14A 1994 Version
Decals for VF-21 low-vis "NF 201"
VF-154 low-vis(?)
VF-84 hi-vis, black tail
Kit includes 4x Phoenix, 2x Sparrow, 2x Sidewinder, Mk 84(?) bombs and racks, cockpit is good, but uese decals ass opposed to raised detail.

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