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Number of images presently in Tomcat Alley - 1077

It's time for the last Tomcat Alley update of this millenium. Thankfully the big 'Cat looks set to last well into the first decade of the next one. How many thousands of pictures the Alley will contain by 2008 is anyone's guess.
My deepest thanks to everyone who shared their time with me at NAS Oceana, the trip wouldn't have been worthwhile without your patience and kindness. Everyone played an important role but special thanks to Neeko and Eliz (and Herb :), Dave F. Brown, Dave Baranek, all the guys at AirOps, Turner, Mango, Dooley, Bubba and everyone else.

Coming Soon:-
A new look for the Alley, depending upon how much beer I imbibe over Christmas :)

F-14 Pilots, RIOs and PAOs, please check out the VF Project Team page for information on how your squadron can get onto the Internet for free.

Amazingly enough there are sections of Tomcat Alley that do not feature F-14's. If you're looking for an image of a modern miltary jet check out Dave's Archive where my better aviation shots reside.

Please note the updated email address. The guestbook is down, but please e-mail me instead. I can't promise instant answers, but will do all I can.
Thanks - Dave


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