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Strangely enough this is my links page :) and even more strangely it features lots of links to other F-14 and Naval Aviation sites. Take time to visit these great sites, you'll be amazed at what you find. If you're interested in finding other aviation sites one of the best resources I can mention is Yahoo's aviation section

Since January 1999 plenty of these sites have disappearred. The Pentagon has decided to set new standards for military web sites and as a result has ordered many closed down. Thus many of the links we used to have are now dead. We await in hope the rebirth of these units on the web.

Y.A.A.P. The place where Tomcat Alley lives, it features much more than an F-14 site. Visit to find out what else is on offer.

F-14 Tomcat Sites

M.A.T.S. The homepage of my good friend Torsten Anft, M.A.T.S. features lots of great Tomcat information and pictures, as well as information on Torsten's other interests. A must visit site!

Tomcat's Lair
The definitive and original F-14 site by James C. Kao. Also features some squadron histories by yours truly.

Phantom Productions Not exactly a F-14 page, but still one you must visit to see the great photography of Mike Kopack (Snr & Jnr).

Tomcat University Created by Johnathan Cooper, this is one of the best up and coming F-14 sites.

Simon's F-14 Tomcat Page.
Another good site with loads of F-14 info. As of 1/FEB/97 undergoing major refurbishment.

Tomcat's Hanger.
Some good pictures and information.

Unofficial CVW-5 Page In Japanese but still with lots of pictures and tables of information. A great place to visit if you have any interest in CVW-5.

The NEW F-14 Homepage A little small, but featuring fine images.

Dave's Aviation Page Featuring some great images of CVW-9 aircraft during the Gulf War.

F-14 Tomcat-On Top of the World A very professional page on the F-14.

Fightertown New F-14 homepage, featuring squadron histories, images, weapons and links.

US Navy Squadron/Command Pages


NAS Oceana home to all US Navy F-14 squadrons.

Carrier Air Wings

Pictures of CVW-5 in action, featuring some amazing shots, especially of VF-154.

CVW-9 flying from the USS Nimtz.

CVW-17 now has authorised users only to it's website.

Attack (VA) Units

VA-36 Roadrunners who were assigned to CVW-8.

The unofficial home of VA-145 Swordsmen a disestablished A-6 unit.

Airborne Early Warning (VAW) Units

E-2C Directory, listing hompeages of most VAW squadrons.

VAW-123 Screwtops A great page for the E-2C squadron of CVW-1, flying the Group II Hawkeye.

Official home of VAW-126 Seahawks flying the E-2C Hawkeye.

Electronic Warfare (VAQ) Units

VAQ-129 Fighting Vikings A new EA-6B squadron, one of the joint USAF/USN units.

VAQ-139 Cougars, who fly as part of CVW-14.

Fighter (VF) Units

VF-2 Bounty Hunters The official site, packed with Bullets news, souveniers and photos.

VF-11 Red Rippers, site presently down.

VF-14 Tophatters With the help of the great team at Topedge the U.S. Navy's oldest fighter squadron is now on the Net. Check out their fine page here.

VF-24 Fighting Renegades The unofficial VF-24 page, dedicated to the now disestablished F-14 squadron. Updated early in November and now features some great images by Lt. Jim Muse.

VF-31 Tomcatters, also seems to be down.

Official home of VF-32 Swordsmen

VF-33 Starfighters NOT a USN site, but a tribute to the the much missed Tarsiers/Starfighters.

Official home of VF-41 Black Aces, also flying the F-14A. Presently down.

VF-101 Grim Reapers Official home of the only F-14 RAG still in existence. Thankfully the webpage is also still in existence.

VF-102 Diamondbacks The squadron has been on cruise since the end of September, but the page is more than worth a visit.

VF-143 Pukin' Dogs Dogs never die, the site is still up :)

VF-154 Black Knights A great homepage on the U.S. Navy's only forward deployed VF squadron.

Official home of VF-201 Hunters. The VF-201 page is no more, just like the squadron itself. See further down for the new VFA-201 web address.

VF-211 Fighting Checkmates, flying the F-14A as part of CVW-9. Sadly down as well.

VF-213 Black Lions One of only 3 squadrons flying the F-14D, the Blacklions are now online.

Strike Fighter (VFA) Units

Air Reconnaisance (VQ) Units

VQ-6 Sea Shadows The Shadows fly the ES-3A fly NAS Ceceil Field, but not for much longer, as ES-3 units are disestablish this summer, due to funding constraints.

Airborne Sea Control (VS) Units

VS-32 Maulers Another great S-3B/VS Page.

VS-35 Blue Wolves Flying the S-3B as part of CVW-14, a well designed homepage, with information and images-although the latter are rather small.

US Naval Aviation Sites

Naval Aviation News A webzine with the latest news on US Navy Carriers and their movements.

Dash 2 Aviation Products Dash 2 is the product of Rick Llinares, world renowned aviation photographer. Visit this site to see his most recent work and order the 'Above & Beyond' 1998 Calendar.

Darryl Shaw's amazing homepage.
Darryl was kind enough to supply the squadron insignia scans for my squadron histories and images for my image pages. Check out more of his great work here.

Vulture's Row
A great US Naval Aviation resource.

The Blue Angels Page, by Sam Fischer. His "Other Gallery" also features some F-14 shots.

NavyWear The official distributor of VF-103 merchandise. Check out this great site for all memorabilia related to these squadrons.

Aircraft Image Sites

Paul Nann's collection of aircraft photos.
As of 1/FEB/97 there were 663 images in the archive. Mostly of modern European jets, his images are among the best I have ever seen. Don't just stand there, go and visit!

Scotty's Home Page for Aviation Nuts. Hundreds of images, model kit reviews and more. Particularly good is the F-14 section of his image archive.

Nick Challoner's Electronic Ladyland.
Nick was kind enough to donate F-14 images to my image section. Check out more of his great work here.

The Warplane Picture Gallery, featuring images of almost every modern warplane.

Eject Image Archive. By Patrick van der Bruggen, Orio Kieboom, Mark Mulder and David Vlieger.

Phil's Aircraft Page, with hundreds of images of a vast variety of aircraft.

Model Sites

Italeri Producers of great aircraft model kits. See their releases for 1998, including a F/A-18E and F/A-18F.

F-14 Model Items Perhaps the most complete listing of F-14 models, decals, update sets and accessories.

Hobby Link Japan.
Get model kits shipped direct from Japan for less than you pay at home. Sounds crazy but is actually true! Check out their extensive range here.

Terry Ashley has built an absolutely astounding 1/32nd F-14A. Check out his review and pictures here.

Aircraft Sites

A-3 Skywarrior If you have even the least interest in the great 'Whale' you really should check this place out.

The A-6 and EA-6B Hangar One of the best places on the web for these aircraft, also loads of great links.

Paul's US Military and AMARC Homepage. Lots of information on AMARC and some very fine images.

Homepage of the American Society of Aviation Enthusiasts. Featuring Air Shows, Spotting Reports and Images.

World Air Power Journal At last, the world's finest military aviation journal is online. Check out their present and upcoming publications right here.

Key Publishing Ltd. Home of illustrious magazines such as Air Forces Monthly and Air International.

Mark Ingersoll's Aviation & Flight Sim Site has disappeared for now. If anyone knows where it went please let me know.

Fishbed's Home Page. An exhaustive page devoted to the MiG 21 Fishbed.

349, perhaps the ultimate F-16 site!

The Aero Ring A large listing of aviation related sites covering all aspects of the field.

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