F-14D(R) Block 110 Aircraft Histories

As with the Block 85 aircraft all these F-14D's were converted from F-14A's, thus they are more accurately designated F-14D(R) and their serials can also be found in the F-14A section.

161133??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-11
161154??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-13
161158??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-331/07/92'?? ???' VF-124??/??/96 (mid)'NK 111' VF-11
16115930/09/91 (delivery date ?)converted to F-14D(R), DR-131/07/92'?? ???' VF-124??/??/96 (mid)'NK 201' VF-31
161163??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-? ??/11/96'NE 104' VF-2
161166??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-6??/??/96 (mid)'NK 106' VF-11??/??/97 (early)'NE 114' VF-2

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