F-14B Block 125 Aircraft Histories


161599late 88-89 (?)converted to F-14B TARPS, KB-20??/10/90'NG 100' VF-211??/??/96 (late)'AB 113' VF-10222/04/97'1K0101' AMARC (arrives)
161601??/??/9?converted to F-14B, KB-21 01/05/90'NG 201' VF-24??/09/90'NG 101' VF-211
161608??/??/9?converted to F-14B TARPS, KB-23??/10/90'NG 102' VF-21109/08/96'AG 104' VF-143
161610??/??/9?converted to F-14B TARPS, KB-30??/??/96 (late)'AG 100' VF-143

161615 Some sources have this as a F-14B conversion. I think it unlikely, but would welcome confirmation.

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