F-14B Block 130 Aircraft Histories


'AB 105' VF-102AMARC, being overhauled for return to service with VF-32
161851??/??/9?converted to F-14B, KB-28??/09/91'AD 110' VF-101 ??/??/96 (late)'AB 105' VF-102??/04/97Rotational Storage At NAS Oceana22/04/97'1K0102' AMARC (arrives)??/07/97??/10/97
161855??/09/96'AD 202' VF-101??/04/97'AD 202' VF-101, In Rotational Storage At NAS Oceana
161858 ??/??/??converted to F-14B, KB-??03/04/96'AG 112' VF-143/CVN-73??/??/96 (late)'AG 112' VF-143??/12/96'AG 112' VF-143
161859??/09/96'AD 100' VF-101??/04/97'AD 100' VF-101
161860 ??/??/??converted to F-14B, KB-????/09/96 'AB 120' VF-102
161862??/05/96'AD 102' VF-101??/??/96 (late)'AD 102' VF-101??/04/97'AD 102' VF-101
161870 ??/??/??converted to F-14B, KB-31??/07/91'AA 110' VF-74??/12/96'AB 103' VF-102
161871??/??/89converted to F-14B, KB-29??/10/90'AD 107' VF-101??/04/97'AB 110' VF-102
161873??/??/??converted to F-14B, KB-32??/08/90'AA 202' VF-103 Desert Storm??/03/91'AA 202' VF-103??/??/96 (late)'AA 202' VF-103

161869 some sources suggest this aircraft was also converted to F-14B, so far I have no further evidence to support this.

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