F-14D(R) Block 85 Aircraft Histories

These aircraft were all originally F-14A's and were converted to F-14D(R) standard.

converted to F-14D(R), DR-7
159592??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-10??/??/96 (late)'AD 111' VF-101
159595??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-12??/05/95Roving Sands 95, asigned to either VF-31 or VF-11??/??/96 (mid)'NK 110' VF-11??/??/97 (early)'NE 112' VF-2
159600??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-5 ??/11/96'NE 115' VF-2??/??/97 (early)'NE 115' VF-2
159603??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-14??/??/96 (mid)'NK 107' VF-11
159610??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-131/07/92'?? ???' VF-124??/??/96 (mid)'NK 206' VF-31
159613??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-431/07/92'?? ???' VF-12417/10/92'NK 106' VF-11??/11/96'NE 111' VF-2
159618??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-17??/??/96 (mid)'NK 210' VF-31??/07/97'NK 110' VF-31
159619??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-9??/11/96'NE 112' VF-2
159628??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-822/06/96'NE 114' VF-2??/11/96'NE 114' VF-2??/??/97 (early)'NE 114' VF-2
159629??/??/????/??/96 (mid)'NK 212' VF-31
159630??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-18 01/06/96'NE ???' VF-2??/11/96'NE 101' VF-2 ??/??/97 (early)'NE 101' VF-2
159633??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-16
159635??/??/??converted to F-14D(R), DR-15

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