F-14A Block 65 Aircraft Histories

This block introduced the TF30-P-412A engine, a modification of the original TF30 designed to reduce the problems of compressor stall, turbine blade cracking and to improve containment of any blade failures. This was only the first of several variants of the TF30, each of which was progressively better at solving these problems. Apart from this I know of no differences between block 65 and block 60 aircraft. BuNos:-

BuNo.DateAssignmentDateAssignmentDateAssignmentDateAssignmentDateAssignmentDateAssignmentDateAssignmentDateAssignmentDateAssignmentDate Assignment
158620??/06/72VF-12431/12/72VF-124??/03/73'NJ 401' VF-124??/05/76VF-101??/10/78'AD 130' VF-101??/10/82'ST 202' Naval Air Test Centre22/02/88VF-201??/07/91'AF 215' VF-202??/11/95'AF 215' VF-202??/06/96'AF 114' VF-201
158621??/07/73'XF-32' VX-4??/??/74'NJ 400' VF-12415/06/88PMTC??/03/91'222' PMTC
158622??/??/78(?)'NJ 427' VF-124??/08/89PMTC??/??/96AMARC
158623??/??/??'224' PMTC??/??/72(?)GAC??/??/88(?)'224' Pacific Missile Test Centre??/03/91'224' PMTC05/12/92NAWC-WD??/??/96(?)NAWC-WD06/04/96'224' Gate Guard Pt. Mugu
15862419/04/73VF-12427/08/87VF-201??/07/91'AF 106' VF-201??/06/96GAC
158625 24/04/73VF-124??/08/82'226' PMTC23/10/83'226' PMTC 22/07/87'226' PMTC??/08/89'26' PMTC??/06/96'AF 114' VF-201
15862622/05/87VF-201??/09/90'AF 103' VF-201
158627??/08/73'NK 101' VF-108/05/87VF-201??/07/91'AF 102' VF-201
15862806/06/88VF-202??/07/91'AF 203' VF-202
158629??/??/??'NJ 410' VF-124??/??/??NAVPRO??/??/73'NK 201' VF-2??/10/73'NK 201' VF-206/06/88VF-202??/07/91'AF 204' VF-202
158630??/??/??'AF 101' VF-20101/05/87'AF 101' VF-20125/08/87'AF 101' VF-201??/07/91'AF 104' VF-201
158631??/04/81'ST 206' NATC ??/07/91'AF 114' VF-201
158632??/07/91'AF 105' VF-201
15863320/10/87NAVPRO??/07/91'AF 111' VF-201
158634??/??/?? (late 70's)'AD 132' VF-10124/10/88VF-201??/07/91'AF 210' VF-202
15863506/06/88VF-202??/??/88(?)'AF 205' VF-202??/??/88(?)'AF 205' VF-202??/07/90'AF 205' VF-202
158636??/09/79'37' GAC06/06/88VF-202??/06/91'AF 202' VF-202
158637??/10/75'NJ 420' VF-124??/07/91'AF 216' VF-202

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