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The AGM-88 HARM is a high-speed anti-radiation missile to destroy enemy radar installations. The emphasis on high-speed reflects experience gained in the Vietnam war, where Soviet-built surface-to-air missile radar systems sometimes detected the approach of first generation anti-radar missiles and ceased operation before the missiles could lock on them. HARM can cover a wide range of frequency spectra through use of programmable digital processors in both the aircraft's avionics and the missile.

The AGM-88 has been tested on one F-14D prototype. The new air-to-ground weapon would have given an additional air-to-ground capability to the Super Tomcat, but it never got operational. No tests were conducted with this missile, the Navy looked at the F-14/AGM-88 combination only semi-seriously for a short time in the early 1990s. The photo below shows Grumman's efforts to push ahead the integration of the AGM-88 and thus they built a few Harm Adapter for weapon stations 1B and 8B.

  • Length 13 ft 8.5 in
  • Body Diameter 10 in
  • Wing Span 3 ft 8.5 in
  • Weight 807 lbs
  • Warhead Weight 146 lbs
  • Speed 760+ mph
  • Altitude 40,000 ft
  • Range 22 miles
  • Power Plant Thiokol smokeless dual-thrust solid-propellant rocket motor

F-14D Prototype with 2 AGM-88 missiles:

Photo: Grumman

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